Uniformed Viewer for Integrative Omics


Data Search

Search measured data using an ID or a name. The data will be displayed as a heat map according to the expression level.

Rice Hormonome-Transcriptome

Specify the data records for which the phytohormone name or probe ID are to be displayed.

Find data records which are correlated with a particular phytohormone/transcript level.

Keyword Search

Search for gene probes and phytohormones by using gene description, gene ontology, and phytohormone name.

Acceptable: Gene description, gene ontology, and phytohormone name
Example: Ribosomal protein, iron-sulfur cluster binding, auxin, indole-3-acetic acid
Note: A word with 2 or less than 2 characters is ignored.


  • Kudo et al. (2013) UniVIO: a multiple omics database with hormonome and transcriptome data from rice. Plant Cell Physiol. 54:e9 [Abstract] [PubMed]


This database provides an integrated data set of hormonome and transcriptome analyses in 14 organs of the rice plant at the reproductive stage and in gibberellin-related mutants. Users can easily search objective data by using plant hormone names, probe IDs, locus IDs, and gene descriptions as queries. The data of transcripts and hormones are easily visualized as heat maps.


2012-10-22 [Version 2]
  • New function: Search by a correlation coefficient.
  • New data: Rice gibberellin mutants (hormonome-transcriptome).
2012-03-15 [Version 1]
  • UniVIO was released.
  • New data: Rice plant organs (hormonome-transcriptome).